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Steel prices will deepen, and steel market will "winter" in the concussion arrangement.

The supply and demand of steel market is gradually tilting to an unbalanced angle, and the decline of steel price has also been widened. According to the latest market report provided by the famous steel information institution "my steel", the "off-season effect" of steel city is more obvious. By the end of the month and the end of the year, the pressure of steel traders will increase. The usual "winter storage" market has not yet appeared.

According to monitoring, the decline of domestic spot comprehensive steel price has been widened. At present, the trading of steel market is further weakening, the forward price of steel futures is also in shock, the "off-season effect" of the market is further revealed, and the prices of construction steel and other varieties are generally falling down. Although the decline of some varieties has also picked up, it is difficult to change the overall trend of steel market.

According to the analysis, in the plate market, the price has changed for 3 weeks and has shifted to a downward trend. In most parts of the country, the price of medium and heavy plate has declined to a certain extent, of which the Lanzhou market has fallen by 100 yuan per ton. Even if individual regions are reluctant to "go against the market" in a certain period of time, the overall market is still very dull, and downstream demand can hardly be improved significantly. Hot rolled roll prices are also falling down, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin and other mainstream markets have appeared 10 to 70 yuan per ton of decline, the Handan market decline is up to 140 yuan. In the market, on the one hand, some specifications of the plate have the "relative gap" on the circulation link, and the willingness of the merchants to reduce the price is not high; on the one hand, it has entered the light season of the consumption of the steel market, and the pressure of the market operation is very high. Merchants can only take "one of them" between the two ends, so the market is dominated by weak consolidation.

The decline of the construction steel market is deepening, and the price of the leading market is overall falling. Among them, the East China market in Shanghai, Fuzhou and Hefei has a more obvious decline. The price tracer of the agency found that in the last week of the week, the construction steel price had fallen for more than 10 consecutive days. At present, the northern region has been constantly snowfalling, the south is also cloudy and rainy, the downstream demand for steel has been significantly shrinking in the earlier period, and the market turnover has declined. The quotation of construction steel manufacturers is more chaotic, indicating that the mentality of manufacturers is more contradictory. But one thing is certain, the demand for the latter market will weaken and the corresponding stock will rise.

Analysts said that the characteristics of the seasonal consumption of steel market are more obvious: trading is weakening, and the stock of major steel products has risen again after the fall. The relationship between supply and demand of steel market is also biased towards the unbalanced side, which requires close attention. Steel market will "winter" in the pattern of shock finishing.
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