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Our company is appraised as "Hebei trustworthiness enterprise"

In September 27th, in the capital city of Shijiazhuang, the "Hebei integrity building experience exchange conference" and the "Hebei integrity enterprise" awarding ceremony were held. Our company as a "Hebei integrity enterprise" was represented at the conference.

In order to carry out the Scientific Outlook on Development in depth and vigorously promote the good manners of honest and trustworthy and disgraceful, to further promote the construction of enterprise integrity and standardize the market economy order with good faith production and good faith management, the office of the evaluation committee of the integrity enterprises of Hebei province and the Hebei entrepreneur association are in conjunction with the province. In March, the relevant departments jointly organized the "Hebei integrity enterprise" selection. As of September, according to the selection process, we selected 420 "honest enterprises in Hebei" in 2013 and a group of excellent workers in Hebei province. At the ceremony, the leaders of the province read two commendation decisions, issued the plaque and certificates; the representative of the credit enterprise introduced the experience; the experts made a special report, and issued the "initiative for the construction of enterprise integrity" to the enterprises and entrepreneurs of the province.
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