Business Overview

Steel business

Powerful resources

We have a unique competitive quality products - section steel (angle bar, channel steel, H-beam, I-beam). Full use of their production capacity, while the United Nations, 13 excellent private steel rolling enterprise, invested nearly 300 million dollars by the development of a variety of Japanese standard, European standard, American standard steel products. Currently, section steel field has become a domestic model series is the most full-pioneer. The products are exported to all over the world, and fully endorsed by the majority of customers.

Diversified business model

Mature on the basis of general trade, we also take advantage of its strong financial platform and powerful resources, forms of financing trade is carried out with the client, and joint sales in the region with the number of customers, the implementation of a risk-sharing, profit sharing. Only expand the market, to expand the size of our sales, but also to meet the diverse needs of customers, and the full realization of the mutual benefit of the partners.

Professional services team

Our quality control personnel familiar with the national standard, Japanese standard, European standard steel requirements, has more than 10 years of expertise in steel accumulated comprehensive quality tracking products, has established a perfect quality assurance system, to provide customers with the confidence satisfaction.

Strong anti-risk capability and capacity to comply

Strong financial strength and depth of the mode of operation of the terminal products from primary products to the ups and downs of the market has a strong anti-risk ability, but also created a powerful performance capabilities.

The business philosophy of the supremacy of credibility

Integrity, is the of HongZhong company's core values, the basis for enterprises based on the market is the key to victory. The achievements of macro loyalty is to the supremacy of credibility to the idea of cohesion. We are confident that the integrity of the concept as a guide, the tide of China's strong economic development and integration of the world economy, the macro loyalty will be with you to create a more brilliant performance.

I will always provide customers with quality products, sincere service, we work together to create value to share with customers.
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